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The challenge will give you total clarity on why you don’t feel good enough; the determination and energy to leave behind not feeling good enough once and for all; and a step-by-step guide for creating a powerful, juicy vision for what your life will be like once you are able to own, accept and step into your true brilliance.

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In this free 3 day challenge, you will gain:

  1. Total clarity on all the reasons why you and so many other women don’t feel good enough, and learn what society is trying to keep hidden from you to keep you stuck and playing small. Those sad and sick society secrets will be totally busted!
  2. Understanding of the number 1 mistake made by women when it comes to their self-worth and confidence, and how to avoid it so you can shift into a newly supportive relationship with yourself.
  3. Fresh insights on how not feeling good enough is impacting your wider life (not just your career, wellbeing and relationships), so that you can turn this awareness into rocket fuel and fertiliser for your empowerment for the future.
  4. A clear, detailed and properly articulated vision for your life when you are empowered and feel fabulous about yourself, because without it, it’s impossible to get there or stay motivated on your journey.
  5. You’ll walk away feeling excited, clear and ready to take inspired action. You’ll know that you can finally become the woman you’ve always known you were capable of being, confident, successful, fulfilled and happy.

The challenge runs from Tuesday – Thursday 26 to 28 October, with live 45-minute sessions at midday BST/ 7am Eastern each day. 

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