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The Speak Up With Confidence Bundle for £58 £ 29 extra

You are ambitious and want to progress in your career, and frustrated that you’re not taken seriously enough… you know your voice is never heard at work (and maybe even at home as well)… you’re worried you’ll be the last person in the pack when it comes to promotion, bonus or even retention time because of what’s happening...

This is for you! 

The Speak Up With Confidence bundle will help you silence the inner critic, fire up your sass and speak up for yourself so that you take control of your career and life, become visible and shine…

You'll receive:

  • super-helpful journal prompts that will help you to break through to confidence
  • powerful affirmations that will anchor in new levels of self-belief,
  • easy-to-remember scripts that you can use in day-to-day situations for setting boundaries and asking for what you need
  • BONUS: 4 video trainings on How to Speak Up With Confidence

You'll know exactly how to:

  • ask for better balance at home so you aren't the one anymore watching the kids most of the time while your hard earned career goes down the drain
  • make sure your ideas are getting heard in a meeting
  • negotiate a pay rise successfully
  • stand in your power

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Calm, Centred & in Control

Conquer your inner world so you can have anything you want!

For those of you who have ongoing stress, anxiety and overwhelm and you can see yourself starting to spiral because of lockdown, and you wish you could just enjoy life again, have more energy, control and time to focus on what really matters…this is for you:

  • 20+ Ways To Protect Your Sanity That Don't Include Baths or Candles. 
  • A video training on how to recognise your subconscious patterns and turn them from your worst enemies into your most powerful allies.
  • Journal prompts to help you understand your triggers and quickly disarm them. 
  • Affirmations that will stop you feeling ashamed of your inner battles, stop destructive numbing behaviours and step into your power. 
  • An introduction to the Warrior Queen archetype: welcoming in her energy is a powerful catalyst for becoming calm, centred and in control.


What you'll get:

  • 4 PDF’s packed with information, tips, journal prompts and affirmations
  • A 20 minute video training

And some juicy bonuses! 

  • BONUS: 5 minute embodiment meditation
  • BONUS: Spotify playlist
  • BONUS: Interview with Harriet & Susie Heath


What People Are Saying:

I am really enjoying the bundle! Love it, love it, love it! Your messaging in the kit is creative, compelling and compassionate - so impactful.


This whole kit is intropack sized, and it doesn’t muck about. There is no guess work. In a succinct video, specific information is provided so we can cut straight to understanding our patterns and clearly see how we can choose to act differently when those patterns kick in. The information is backed up with written material and a short meditation to help embed new habits. After one afternoon, I can already feel the difference in the way I am carrying myself and I’m looking forward to practising these hints, tips and techniques over the coming weeks. Seriously impressive.

Allison Randle

I was burnt out, living off microwave meals and freaking out. Working with Harriet was amazing. Every area of life has transformed, the outcome is huge. Alongside massive improvements in my health, I manage my thoughts so much better; I now have a much better relationship with myself and other people. I don’t have severe anxiety anymore. I treat my body much better. I am so much kinder to myself, so much happier, much more positive, really motivated. I can’t wait to get up every day! Harriet gave me so many tools I can use over and over.

Sarah Lister

I can honestly say I have completely revolutionised my approach, way of thinking and prioritisation of all aspects of my life. I am much healthier, I’m doing much more exercise and I’m genuinely living a very different, much happier life. Harriet gave me so many tools.

Karen Hague

I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever. I know I'm worthy.

Emma, solicitor

I am more able to focus on career and emotional matters with empowerment, softness and more authenticity. I feel hope now that I can more easily ask for help, and lead my life as an agent of change.

Ana, psychologist